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Moon - Alternative Movie Poster by 3ftDeep by 3ftDeep

Had this in mind for a while but it’s finding the time to do it. Really terrific ‘indie’ type film. Duncan Jones -you should be very proud.

Howls Spirited Neighbor by 3ftDeep

Hello. My mashup homage to the wonderful Studio Ghibli has been refined & offered as a t-shirt on Teespring here »

It’s for a limited time so better be quick : )

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Zone 2 movie Poster by 3ftDeep

I was honoured to be asked by Under the Stairs Entertainment ( ) to create a poster for their short film ‘Zone 2’ written by Lydia Mulvey. I hope I did OK : )

The film is in pre-production. I hope it makes it : )

Just before the last sip, I noticed how happy my coffee was about the whole thing, so I took this picture.

Star Wars - A New Hope - Minimalist Movie Poster by 3ftDeep

Classic movie iconography in simple terms (simple is as simple does : )

Gravity 3ftdeep by 3ftDeep

Sorry. Not posted for a while. Not had the time to do much of this : (
I’ve had this in mind for a while. Didn’t have the greatest amount of time to commit to this but I guess the idea is there.
I hope you like it. I didn’t see this in 3d and I’m kind of glad I didn’t. I get travel sick & know this would have freaked me out : )

Breaking Bad - Hellboy Mashup by Candykiller by 3ftDeep

Every now and again I post something that isn’t mine but is so good it deserves being displayed here.
It’s a Breaking Bad / Walter White / Hellboy mashup & it’s genius.

Walter Boy?
Breaking Hell?
Hell Bad?
I don’t know but it’s something good : )

It’s by the wonderful Scottish artist Brian Taylor aka Candykiller. Check him out. He’s marvellous : )

Leon - The Professional - Alternative Movie Poster by 3ftDeep

Well, as mentioned before, this image has given me a real headache. Mainly due to not being able to make the original idea I had work the way I wanted. I gave up & did this instead, which I’m pretty pleased with. I like the fact that Leon & Matilda aren’t in it : ) and it mostly relates to Stan.

Anyway, I hope you like the outcome.

I Made You Read This by 3ftDeep

Funny? Makes me laugh : )



This is wonderful, Rhys. The tones and subtlety between light & dark are superb. I could look at this all day : )

Howls Spirited Neighbor - Studio Ghibli Poster by 3ftDeep

Just a quick rendering of an idea I had to appreciate my 3 favorite Studio Ghibli films:
Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away & My Neighbor Totoro. I was going to include Laputa too but thought this worked better.
I hope you like it : )

Breaking Bad - Live free or Die Poster by 3ftDeep

I pretty much watched seasons 1 to 5 in about a couple of weeks. What a great ride. So many great parts.
You gotta love Saul : )

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I hope you like this