My Leon poster was (as the title suggests, which is also an obscure link ; ) featured on the CreativeBloq ‘Design Spring’ iPad app and on the CreativeBloq website. I’m always very happy when my work is appreciated by others, so thanks very much. : )

Here’s the link again »

Do you know, I sometimes get annoyed by the ‘Olly Moss Hysteric Syndrome’ (previously called the ‘Rolling Stones Syndrome’: when a certain level is reached, people with go mad over anything you do, no matter how good / bad it is. Way too much hype IMHO. This isn’t Olly’s fault BTW (or the Rolling Stones) But not everything they does is great. How could it be? (once again, IMHO - I’m just jealous that it’s not me ; )

However, this ‘doodle’ he recently posted reminds me just how talented he is. Minimalism at it’s greatest.

As far as I know, it’s individually scanned ink brush strokes, edited in Photoshop. Wonderful.

My hat is doffed in Olly’s direction.

Hello. I’d like to share a few places where my work has been featured that I’m really happy about.

1. My ‘Leon’ movie poster has been features on the Creative Bloq iPad app this week and I think on the actual website later in the week. Cool : ) Possibility of another being featured next week too.

2. The Poster Collective also featured Leon as well as my ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ (love that movie : ) Thanks for this : )

4. My Neon’esque SuperHero posters featured on BuzzFeed

Plus the many, many Pins on Pinterest (especially the official 20th Century Fox fan art page ) which I’m very grateful for (not to mention the thousands of reblogs here on Tumblr

I think that’s enough for now but thanks for following me. Tell all of your friends (and even people you don’t like / know) about me. I’ll repay you all one day ; )


Justice League Poster by ~3ftDeep

Who wouldn’t want to see this as a movie?

*IMPORTANT* This is not endorsed by or affiliated to DC Comics or anyone else. Purely a bit of fun.

Inception - Alternative ‘Magic Eye’ Poster by ~3ftDeep

Inception ‘Magic Eye’ Image Poster

Another idea that perhaps needs a little work but I hope you like the idea
(don’t give yourself a headache)

3ds Max & Photoshop

I’ve just had some of my posters printed. I was very happy with the way they came out (although my photos could be better : $ )

Especially the Star Wars trilogy set, which were produced at A2.

Judge Dredd - Alternative Movie Poster V2. by ~3ftDeep

As in my previos post, before anyone points it out, I know the film spells ‘Judgment’ without the ‘e’ but it can also be spelt with it.
I’ve used it with for artistic licence.

Version 2. Better I guess but maybe a V3 to follow?

I hope you like (especially Inkworm ; )

Judge Dredd - Alternative Movie Poster by ~3ftDeep

Before anyone points it out, I know the film spells ‘Judgment’ without the ‘e’ but it can also be spelt with it.
I’ve used it with for artistic licence

Took ages but didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I might redo it if i have time?

I hope you like.

Airplane - The Movie - Alternative poster by ~3ftDeep

"All right, Striker, you listen, and listen close. Flying a plane is no different from riding a bicycle; it’s just a lot harder to put baseball cards in the spokes."

Leon - The Professional - Minimalist Poster by ~3ftDeep

If you haven’t seen this film, make sure you do this week. It’s in my top ten : )