Caravaggio’esque- Photomanipulation by ~3ftDeep

A quick photomanipulation in a Caravaggio/Vemeer (ish) style

I came across the original photo by AimeeStock on deviantart ( [link]) whilst looking at something else.
It really lends itself to a classical / renaissance style painting, so I altered it a bit.
It has a lovely light (the original) which is what drew me to it, rather than the actual subject matter or reference, which has no appeal for me at all really (if I’m honest)

I did removed the radiator though ; )

I don’t ever really do photomanipulations like this. Purely a quick bit of fun really.

Click ‘download’ on Deviantart (click image to get there) to see full res version. It looks better big : )

I hope you like.