Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back - Minimal Poster by ~3ftDeep

One of a set of 6 (against my better judgement!)

Boba Fett is such great costume design. I want one too : )

Original Star Wars trilogy alternative poster set by 3ftDeep

I hope you like them

The Empire Strikes Back - Minimalist Poster by ~3ftDeep

The Empire Strikes Back - Minimalist Poster

Second in my 3 part series (I might continue with the other three but my enthusiasm isn’t as great for them : (

I even struggle with ROTJ to be honest. Ewoks? Really! D’oh!
Originally, Ewoks were to be Wookies & Han was supposed to die. That would have truly been great.
Ah well …

Anyway. I hope you like : )

Hello : )

All of my previously posted Vintage Star Wars posters in one place. I hope you like them.

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Boba Fett - 3ftdeep by ~3ftDeep

Boba Fett poster idea based on the Vintage VW / Porsche Posters I have produced.

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