Trainspotting Alternative Film Poster by ~3ftDeep

I’m having a bit of a Danny Boyle fest at the moment; Sunshine, 127 HRs, Shallow Grave & Trainspotting recently.

All good. Check them out if you haven’t seen any of them.

Anywho. I hope you like this.
The Renton image is made up of the ‘Choose life …’ quote (hopefully you can see it : )

Tumblr re-resizes it so there’s a bit of a clearer image here »

Freelance Graphic designer always happy to discuss work / commissions : )

127 Hours - Alternative Poster by ~3ftDeep

127 Hours Alternative Poster by 3ftDeep

Only just watched this the other day. Really excellent. Danny Boyle is such a good director. Also saw Sunshine about two weeks ago which was also well worth it.

I hope you like this : )