Gravity 3ftdeep by 3ftDeep

Sorry. Not posted for a while. Not had the time to do much of this : (
I’ve had this in mind for a while. Didn’t have the greatest amount of time to commit to this but I guess the idea is there.
I hope you like it. I didn’t see this in 3d and I’m kind of glad I didn’t. I get travel sick & know this would have freaked me out : )

Breaking Bad - Hellboy Mashup by Candykiller by 3ftDeep

Every now and again I post something that isn’t mine but is so good it deserves being displayed here.
It’s a Breaking Bad / Walter White / Hellboy mashup & it’s genius.

Walter Boy?
Breaking Hell?
Hell Bad?
I don’t know but it’s something good : )

It’s by the wonderful Scottish artist Brian Taylor aka Candykiller. Check him out. He’s marvellous : )

I Made You Read This by 3ftDeep

Funny? Makes me laugh : )

Howls Spirited Neighbor - Studio Ghibli Poster by 3ftDeep

Just a quick rendering of an idea I had to appreciate my 3 favorite Studio Ghibli films:
Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away & My Neighbor Totoro. I was going to include Laputa too but thought this worked better.
I hope you like it : )

Star Wars - Han Solo in Carbonite 3d Anaglyph - V2 by ~3ftDeep

I’m still in rather a creative funk (since last autumn really) but did this for a bit of fun.
Version 2 of 2
Other one here » [link]
Cobbled together in Photoshop.
Needs Red / Blue anaglyph 3D glasses to appreciate. Red for left eye : )

Thanks for looking

Star Wars - Han Solo in Carbonite 3d Anaglyph - V1 by ~3ftDeep

I’m still in rather a creative funk (since last autumn really) but did this for a bit of fun.
Version 1 of 2
Cobbled together in Photoshop.
Needs Red / Blue anaglyph 3D glasses to appreciate. Red for left eye : )

Thanks for looking

by ~3ftDeep


I have, for several years, operated an independent forum here »

This was originally set up for members of the Computer Arts magazine forum who became rather disillusioned by the bureaucracy & bias of the magazine (FYI - the old Computer Arts forum was very neglected over the past 2-3 years and has finally been deleted)

So, we set up Citizen Art.
I keep mean to mention this and offer an invitation to anyone who might like to join.
It’s mainly aimed towards online creativity but all are welcome.
You can post work, get proper critique from your peers, ask questions, chat, whetever you like.

So, please

Read more

Shawshank Redemption Bible Image by ~3ftDeep

I’m stuck in a bit of a creative ‘funk’ at the moment; actually the last couple of months really.

As a result I’m finding it hard to produce much of worth. I have a lot of images in planning, started or nearly done but all seem to be giving me trouble.

To compound this, I continually see the work of other terrific artist who seem to easily out-strip me. Ahh … such is life.

Anyway, this image is a case in point. I was asked to produce this for an advertising campaign. Unfortunately, I don’t think they ultimately decided to use it, which is a shame.

This is the original base image I produced. I then altered the text to suit their advert.

I produced this from scratch in photoshop from a few, reasonably poor reference shots from the film.
I was quite pleased with it.

Abyss - Alternative Movie poster by ~3ftDeep

Still a great film after all these years.
Much of what I produce are really just ‘sketches’ of ideas before I forget them; nothing more : )
I’m just trying to empty my tea cup.

I hope you like it.

Akira - Alternative Poster - WIP sketch by ~3ftDeep

Thought you might like to see a quick WIP, rough sketch of a poster I’m working on.

Akira is such an inspiring film; in an artistic sense. I first saw it years ago & was blown away by the visuals & imagination of ideas. Still really terrific.

Cheers : )

My Neighbour Totoro - Alternative poster by ~3ftDeep

This is such a wonderful film and is one of my favorites.
Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli are wonderful.

This is just a quick rendering of an idea.

Star Wars- Revenge of the Sith - Minimal Poster by ~3ftDeep

3 of 6

'Nooooooooooooooo' - Best comedy finale in the history of Sci Fi
How depressing ; )
Things can only get better, right?

Star Wars - Attack of the Clones - Minimal Poster by ~3ftDeep

No. 2 of 6

I’ve watched this film quite a lot & it’s the best of the worst 3. Love the sound Slave 1’s bombs make in the asteroid field.

Once again, great design ; more or less poor everything else.

Star Wars - Phantom Menace - Minimal Poster by ~3ftDeep

What can I say about this film?
Great design.
Some truly terrific moments that are completely wiped out by too many truly god awful moments with much disgraceful acting / script / story / casting etc.

Jake Lloyd & Jar Jar Binks? George Lucas, you idiot.

Star Wars- Return of the Jedi -Minimal Poster by ~3ftDeep

6 of 6 (1, 2 & 3 to follow)

I think the Biker Scouts are my favourite Imperial costumes. I want one of everything.